Graham Buckland

Composer and Arranger


1. Main compositions (and first performances)

Sol, for percussion and orchestra (1991 Axel Fries and the Oldenburg State Orchestra)

Prometheus, Chamber opera (1995 in Český Krumlov and 1997 in Regensburg)

Don Gil, Chamber opera after Tirso de Molina (Excerpts 2012 in Hildesheim)

Rilke-Bilder, for clarinet solo (2001 in Festival Kallmünz and Niedermünsterkirche Regensburg)

Latin Mass for Children’s Choir and small orchestra (2002 in Festival Kallmünz)

8 original carols in Christmas a cappella, Baerenreiter (2001)

Twenty Tiny Fingers, für piano duet, 2nd version for orchestra (2002 in Regensburg)

55 original preludes for organ in Halleluja, Baerenreiter (2002)

Threnody, for string orchestra (2005 in Schierling)

Chanticleer, for 4 trumpets, timpani and strings (2006 in Regensburg, version for large orchestra 2007)

Mass in C, for soprano, men’s choir, percusssion and organ (2006 in Reinhausen)

The Bumps, Concerto for marimba and strings (2009 in Wörth)

Graham’s Anatomy, Chamber opera (2010 in Kallmünz)

Three Transitions, for clarinet and string quartet (2010 in Pilsen)

CAD, Concertino for harpsichord and string orchestra (2011 in Regensburg)

Guter Hoffnung (Grounds for Optimism) for string orchestra (2011 in Regensburg)

Der Kontrahent (Contrareity) Chamber opera for double bassoon, solo wind instruments and string orchestra (2013 in Regensburg)

Auftritt  for string orchestra (2014 in Regensburg)

Two Chapters (The Passion of St. Mark) for singer and 11 instruments (2014 in Regensburg, solo Peter Neff)

2. Arrangements

Bartok              Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythms (from Mikrokosmos) for strings, 2006

Brahms             Hungarian Dances Nos. 2 & 4 for orchestra, 2006

Byrd                 Browning, Fantasia à 6, Pavan & Galliard, The Bells for strings, 2005

Debussy                      1st Arabesque, Golliwog’s Cake-Walk, Clair de lune, Petit Nègre for orchestra, 2009

Gershwin          Three Preludes for clarinet and strings, 2012

Lullaby for strings, 2006

Janáček             On an Overgrown Path for clarinet and strings, Suite I 2011, Suite II 2005

Pavel Haas         Suite op. 17 for oboe and strings, 2011

Mendelssohn     Veni domine, O beata, Prelude and Fugue for orchestra 2009                      

Schubert            Die Schöne Müllerin for orchestra 2005

Trad.                carols, hymns and spirituals for choirs – see publications

3. Publications

Christmas a cappella (ed.) Baerenreiter, Kassel 2001, ISMN M-006-50534-0

Halleluja (ed.) Baerenreiter, Kassel 2002, ISBN 979-0-006-52068-8

20 Tiny Fingers Bosse, Kassel 2002, ISMN M-2011-0912-1

Spirituals a cappella (ed.) Baerenreiter, Kassel 2011, ISMN 979-0-006-54066-2

Christmas for female voices (ed.) Baerenreiter, Kassel 2011, ISMN 979-0-006-53871-3

Combocom (12 Spirituals) (ed.) Baerenreiter, Kassel, 2013, ISMN 979-0-006-53605-4

4. CDs (see also under Conductor)

Janáček, On an Overgrown Path I & II, Gershwin Lullaby, Preludes (arr. for clarinet and strings)

Chamber Orchestra of Regensburg University, Solo Hans Kistler, Spektral 2014